Single User Activation

$ 349

  • This plan is for providers who wish to activate SOAPe Platinum Plus software on a PC or office network. Our policy is that we will issue ONE license key for this $349 for computer. We DO NOT recommend installing SOAPe Platinum Plus to more than one computer if you do not have a network configured in your office. License keys are non-transferable. We don't store user names and passwords. Please write them down.

Additional Workstation

$ 249

  • Each additional workstation license key is $249.

Activation Fee For Two Users

$ 599

  • This plan provides access rights for two users. This can include 2 doctors a doctor and a therapist a doctor and an office administrator or any number of other combinations. Each user is provided with their own unique login credentials and specific access rights as determined by the system admin. This plan is highly recommended for offices with two DCs as it will allow each doctor to sign off on their own reports. License keys are non-transferrable.


In order to continue using your software beyond the 14-day trial period, you’ll need to activate it. We charge a one-time fee of $349 to activate SOAPe Platinum on a single PC. There are NO other fees or hidden costs unless you need help installing ($75 to remote support from a technician).  This $349 activates that one computer for life. IF, for any reason such as hard drive crashes, your spilled coffee on your computer and needed a new one or you relocated an office and haven’t used the program in a while you will need a new license key. If anything like this happens during the first year you will need a new license key and it will only cost $75

If you originally purchased your initial license key over 1 year ago you will need to purchase a new license key for the original $349

To activate your software

  • Download and install our SOAPe platinum plus 2.0 FREE TRIAL. (If you already have a previous version, please back up the data and remove that version first). For support help with installation click here!
  • It will run for 14-days without restrictions or limitations. When the 14-day trial period has expired, you will be required to activate your software if you wish to continue using it.
  • To activate your software, choose one of the plans below that best apply to you.
  • We only accept online payments using a credit card or checking account. This process is secure and provided by our 3rd party payment processor
  • After submitting payment, please send your software’s Serial Number to: . You will receive a License Key by email WITHIN 24-48 HOURS. DO NOT send us a secure email that requires us to make an account, you’re email with NOT be opened. If you installed the software to an office network, you will need to send us the Serial Numbers from each of the computers.
  • Enter your License Key in the space provided and click the ‘Activate Now’ button.
  • That’s all there is to it. You now own your software for life! There are no additional fees or costs UNLESS you want monthly or annual support, which we made an option because you asked for it!
  • Updates are FREE too! Follow our Facebook page

Before activating your software, please read our refund policy. We DO NOT give refunds because your computer all of sudden crash or is corrupt.