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Emdeon Provider Complete helps you manage all your daily EDI workflows so you can focus on what’s most important—caring for patients.

Why to Choose Emdeon as a Clearinghouse?

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Simplified Management of Electronic Claims and Payment Services

Maintaining a healthy provider practice requires juggling numerous aspects of your healthcare business at once. Meaningful Use requirements, the transition to ICD-10, the effects of new legislation and much more demand valuable time and attention. The implementation of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) services can help improve all these things, but providers have become overwhelmed with payer enrollment and management of these services. All of which drains resources and pulls focus away from patient care. From the industry leader with nearly 7 billion EDI transactions processed annually, Emdeon Provider Complete can simplify all your EDI services and help you put your energy back into caring for patients.

Comprehensive Provider EDI Services Through One Connection

Emdeon Provider Complete is an comprehensive approach to simplifying your EDI services. One connection through Emdeon offers a wealth of EDI solutions to help you simplify workflow and better manage your business. Direct contracting with Emdeon for all your electronic claim and payment management needs can streamline implementation and begin saving you time and money the moment you start.

Let Emdeon Do the EDI Heavy Lifting

Emdeon Provider Complete doesn’t stop at just giving you tools and transactions. Our extensive understanding of EDI capabilities helps you more effectively manage all of these services as well. Maximum visibility and control of claim submissions mean never having to search fruitlessly again for disconnected claim information. Full service payer enrollment saves you time and proactive claim monitoring and alerts mean fewer claim rejections and improved cash flow.

Comprehensive EDI Services

Eligibility and Benefit Solutions
With Emdeon’s real –time eligibility and benefits verification solution, eliminate wasted time and simplify your workflow connecting to your payers directly to verify patient eligibility before rendering services and reduce risk of denials.

Claims Management

Centralizing claims management for over 1,200 national and regional payers (representing over 5,800 payer IDs), Emdeon is the largest Clinical, Financial, and Administrative health information network in the Nation.

Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA)

ERA automation improves the consistency of your cash flow while also saving time. Utilize your practice resources more effectively by electronically posting payments directly into patient accounts while shortening the reimbursement cycle and streamline workflow.


Direct contracting with Emdeon for all claims and payment EDI services
Proactive claim rejection monitoring and alerts
Full service payer enrollment
Simplified implementation with post “Go-Live” monitoring
Access to the industry leader in payer and provider connectivity
24/7 online support anytime, anywhere


    • Continuous access to Emdeon EDI support and expertise
    • Complete claim visibility and control
    • Time-saving, full-service payer enrollment!
    • Higher claim approval rate
    • Improved Cash Flow!!
    • With an average provider satisfaction rating of 97%, our Provider Complete customers are happy customers! You can be too! Send an email to

If you are a part of Emdeon Provider Complete, you have an issue with claims and ERAs, please open a ticket on Emdeon ON24/7 portal: or call 1(800) 296-3736.