Please use the following links below if you need to download a copy of SOAPe Platinum. Keep in mind this is NOT our latest, full practice management software, but our older documentation software which is no longer in development.

This page is for clients who may have suffered a computer crash or who wish to transfer their software to another computer. You cannot restore data created with SOAPe Platinum to SOAPe Platinum Plus and vice versa.

A Better Practice Management Solution For Chiropractors

SOAPe has been providing high quality, affordable software to the chiropractic profession since June 2001. In February 2008, we decided that it was time to design and build a complete practice management solution – one that was not only easy to learn and use, but affordable to all. A state-of-the-art practice management solution that could help to save chiropractors time and money, and streamline their daily office procedures. We believe that we have achieved that goal and are excited about the future ofSOAPe Platinum Plus software.