How do I get started with Electonic Billing?

SOAPe has an exclusive partnership with EMDEON for claims, ERA, or Real Time eligibility checking. With this partnership brings a huge added benefit to using SOAPe software.

  • Step 1: Download this Provider Initiation Lead Form form, fill it out and email to providersolutions@emdeon.com.
  • Step 2: OR – You can call our Provider Solutions team. Their number is 855-559-8654 or email providersolutions@emdeon.com
  • Step 3: Emdeon representative will contact you via phone to obtain more information. They will set you up with online access to 24/7 support tool to track your enrollment process. Training will include the Vision log in and will show you how to access everything.
  • Now you are ready to be set up for Claims, ERA and Real Time. An Emdeon representative will provide you with log in credentials to access all features.
  • SOAPeā€™s representative provides implementation updates as necessary, including any changes to target live date for software install (if applicable) by emailing the Emdeon Senior Enrollment Representative. For change of clearinghouse customers coordination of payer enrollment and go live dates will need to be closely monitored.
  • The following steps occur when a new provider is ready to GO-Live: a. SOAPe notifies assigned Emdeon Senior Enrollment Representative that the provider is ready to go live. b. If all payer approvals are also complete, the Senior Enrollment Representative updates On 24/7 to prepare provider to begin the process of transitioning to support (training, enrollment/support processes). c. The Senior Enrollment Representative provides customer via On 24/7 with an enrollment FAQ guide for how to handle future enrollments.
  • The Provider begins or continues sending/receiving live transactions
  • The Provider is monitored by Emdeon for 60 days. Providers with high reject rates will be alerted to the rejections and offered assistance.

If you are a part of Emdeon Provider Complete, and you have an issue with claims or ERAs, please open a ticket on Emdeon ON 24/7 portal: clientsupport.emdeon.com or call (800)296-3736.