Installation Assistance



For professional help installing please submit a help ticket, contact us or Call 1-877-907-4022

If you are trying to install SOAPe Platinum Plus Version 2.0 and are having trouble even after watching this video and following the instructions on this page. Please follow the instructions below to purchase remote installation support. As a FREE Chiropractic Software EHR company, we will reiterate that we cannot provide any remote assistance for FREE as this costs us money.

To schedule a remote installation, please follow these steps.

  • Purchase the appropriate remote install package from below.
  • After purchasing contact us and Submit a Ticket through our ticketing system. You’ll want to include information about your operating system, your best contact info and best time to call.
  • Within 24 hrs of purchase, one of our support technicians will email you so that they can remote connect to your computer.
  • A technician from our team will install the latest version of our Complete Chiropractic EHR management software to your computer or office network and verify that it is working properly.

Single PC installation


  • Choose this option if you need installation assistance for ONE computer - non-network version
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Server Installation


  • Please purchase this if you require installation assistance for NETWORKED VERSION. This is to install the Server PC only. If you have additional workstations (client pcs) click the button below and enter the number of client pcs you have
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Network Installation - per client PC


  • If you have a networked SOAPe system with ONE server and 2 client computers then you will need to input quantity 2 if you have 2 client PCs and one server.
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