SOAPe Platinum Plus software was built from the ground up using solid .NET programming and the robust and secure Microsoft SQL database. These technologies improve performance, flexibility and the longevity of software. We have invested more than $650,000 in the development of our practice management software and continue to update and improve it as dictated by our clients needs.

Every aspect of our software has been conceived with one thought in mind: does this make performing this function easy and efficient? SOAPe Platinum Plus provides you with all the necessary tools and support to run a successful practice. Below you will find a list of the key features built into our software:

Patient Scheduling

SOAPe Platinum Plus software offers one of the most sophisticated, yet easy-to-use scheduling tools you can find for your office. Our fully integrated appointment scheduler includes everything you need to manage patient flow through your office.

  • Quickly and easily schedule single or recurring appointments
  • Preprogram specific appointment types using time blocks and color coding.
  • Set automated patient appointment reminders easily. Patients are notified by email the day before
  • Their upcoming appointment at your office to help reduce missed appointments.
  • Use our check-in and waiting list with drag and drop functionality to accurately track patient flow through your office.
  • Easily track no-show, missed and cancelled appointments.
  • View and print provider schedules for the day, week or even month.)
  • Add an unlimited number of providers to our scheduling module.
  • View complete patient summary right from the main dashboard including date of onset, diagnosis, insurance, total visits, previous visits and notes.

Billing & Claims Management Made Easy!

One of the biggest problems with chiropractic practice management software is the lack of an integrated billing and claims management solution. SOAPe Platinum Plus’ integrated billing module makes it simple to create, send and manage claims. Claims are instantly generated each time a note or report is created. This virtually eliminates the need for billing personnel. Claims can be printed locally or submitted electronically at the end of the day or week with just a few clicks of the mouse.

  • All claims are auto-generated with daily SOAP notes in just seconds. There is never a need to enter patient charges. This virtually eliminates the need for billing personnel.
  • Print claims to paper or file unlimited claims electronically through our clearinghouse partner Emdeon EDI. Sending claims electronically is quick and simple, and saves both time and money.
  • Check status of your electronic claims quickly and easily via our software interface.
  • View a variety of practice management reports with ease.
  • Patients can have multiple cases and account types such as a cash account, commercial insurance account, a workman’s compensation account, or auto accident account.
  • Create multiple fee schedules for your office. SOAPe Platinum Plus automatically calculates patient responsibility and write off amounts.
  • Automated Reports & Notes

If you’re like most doctors, you hate the thought of having to write or dictate notes and reports? The all new SOAPe Platinum Plus reporting wizard simplifies the task of reporting. Notes and reports can be created in just seconds using our point and click technology. In fact, the average chiropractor can save nearly 200 hours per year in paperwork using our software.

SOAPe Platinum Plus notes and reports are clear and concise, and have been designed to hold up to the scrutiny of insurance companies. This can amount to fewer rejections and extended treatment plans for your patients. And because our practice management software is completely integrated, patient claims are auto-generated each time a note or report is created. In other words, you can generate a SOAP note and patient claim in under 5 seconds.

Sending out your notes and reports is even easier. No more need to copy and mail a patient’s medical file. With just 2 clicks of the mouse, you can send out a patient’s entire medical record securely by email or fax. This not only saves time, but also saves money as ink, paper and postage costs are eliminated.

  • Our reporting wizard has been designed to reflect the intuitive thought process of the doctor, thus simplifying the task of entering data and creating reports.
  • Create a SOAP note and claim in under 10 seconds. Claims are auto-generated each time a note is produced. No need to enter charges at the end of the day.
  • Initial Exams, Progress Reports, Narrative Reports can be created in minutes using our point and click technology.
  • Create complete Outcomes Assessments, including Oswestry, Neck Disability Index and Roland Morris, in under 10 seconds!
  • Create a variety of customized notes and letters in just seconds. Choices include patient welcome letters, physician and attorney referral thank you letters, happy birthday letters, disability notices,school and work excuses and much more.
  • We understand that not all doctors do things the same way. With SOAPe Platinum Plus, all reports and notes can be customized to suite the needs of the doctor.
  • Transmit patient medical records electronically in seconds with just 2 clicks of the mouse! This saves time, money and supports a greener planet Earth.

Data Management

SOAPe Platinum Plus functions as a complete electronic medical records (EMR) software. All paper documents and imaging studies can be imported and stored to a patient’s electronic record using any scanner.

Enormous benefits can be realized by converting to a paperless record system. Medical Economics (December 1997) has estimated that the creation, tracking, storage and maintenance of paper records cost $8.00 per record per year. Electronic records created with SOAPe can be maintained for as little as .05 per year. With electronic records, there is also a reduced expense for real estate space that would otherwise be needed for paper records.

Don’t get stuck paying those ever-increasing data storage fees associated with cloud-based software. Store and manage your own data and save even more money!

Top Notch Security

SOAPe Platinum Plus software offers user-defined security levels to prevent unauthorized access to specific areas or functions of our practice management software. As the administrator, you can limit front desk staff to scheduling and billing privileges while allowing your assistant to have full admin capabilities. Because SOAPe Platinum Plus was built from the ground up using the latest technology, data backups are as simple as one click of the mouse.

Software Upgrades

We believe that all our clients should have the most up-to-date software version running at all times. We are constantly improving our EMR as per our clients feedback and welcome any suggestions on how we can improve the software.