When it comes to chiropractic office software pricing, nobody can beat SOAPe. That’s because SOAPe Platinum Plus software is FREE! That’s right, we said FREE.

This software was built and is still run by a handful of skilled Doctors of Chiropractic that were tired of programs that cost thousands. We knew we could make something that did everything you need and nothing you don’t for a reasonable cost. Our complete practice management software was built BY chiropractors FOR chiropractors. This complete system is valued over $2495.00 and your getting it absolutely FREE. Totally free?! kind-of, try it for 2 weeks totally free and if you are happy with it, all we ask is a small one time fee of $349 to activate it, then you own it for life. We have to charge something to pay the software development team I mean come on!

So How Do I Get Started?

Getting started is easy. Simply download and install SOAPe Platinum Plus software using the link located on the right side of the page. This is not a trial version of our software. It’s our complete practice management software suite that includes scheduling, reporting, paperless office and chiropractic billing and claims management. The free trial will run for two weeks without limitations.

If you want to continue using it after the trial period has expired, you simply pay a $349 setup and activation fee. There are no other hidden costs or fees to pay. This fee includes all future updates as well. When you are ready to activate your software, please use the link provided on the right side of this page.

FAQ About Pricing

Are there any hidden costs or fees?
No. Only after the 2 week FREE trial is over will you need to pay to activate. If you wish to continue using the software after the 2 week trial period has expired, simply pay a one time fee of $349  for setup and activation fee for the first PC, If you need another PC activated, it’s $249 for that one.

Does your software come with free training and support?
As much as we would love to offer our clients live training and support, we cannot afford to do this free of charge. Support for our product is offered exclusively through our online resources which include our video tutorial library and blog page. Live remote support is offered to those who require assistance with installation, upgrades or data restoration for a fee.

Is there an additional charge for multiple providers?
Each additional provider/user is only required to pay a $249 setup and activation fee. There are no other hidden costs or fees.

Is there an additional charge for installing your software to multiple computers in my office?
SOAPe Platinum Plus can be installed on up to two networked computers (including server). Additional workstations can be added for a cost of $249 per workstation. Click here to purchase activation for TWO users / providers.

How much do you guys charge for software updates?
Updates are completely FREE! We update our software about 1-2 times per year so you’ll always have an updated version available to you.